Thursday, March 30, 2017


Today was an awesome day in the gym. I mean, it always is but today I looked around and saw how much the art has evolved. Watching people doing jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, muay thai, and MMA I realized over the 15 years of having the NCFA anyone can walk through the doors and I can put them in any direction they want from the training I provide. The NCFA’s reputation is slowly changing from “they are just a fighting gym” to “I train there with my son/daughter.” I can give someone something that they can take with them forever. These people can get whatever they want out of my gym.

MMA (mixed martial arts) yes Meryl Streep, what we do IS an art has become something so much more than two people mixing martial arts. It has become an art that EVERYONE can do.

Tonight there were 15 women grappling, kids, adults, doctors, pros, mothers, daughters, men, fathers, someone you probably know was in the gym training tonight and it made me realize I can give this to everyone. I can cater to someone trying to go pro, or just wanting to learn how to defend themselves. Tonight I feel a sense of accomplishment with the gym... I have so many ideas and the wheels are always turning. I want to help you all! I feel like it’s the beginning.

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