Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sharing the LOVE...

I feel like being in the situation I'm in with having a martial arts gym, I feel obligated to help anyone and everyone that steps foot in my academy. I provide such a powerful, positive place. I feel like its more than just a martial arts gym. For some people, its their therapy, for some its the only way to fight through their addiction. Its a stress reliever, for some kids it helps them focus, weather we have kids with ADHD or confidence and self esteem issues or someone getting bullied. I'm there for them all , and so is my gym. The Academy isn't going anywhere. it will be there for you always.  I check in as a mentor everyday. I try to be a positive influence in everyone's lives. I give advice that's not always what you want to here, but its the truth. If I only told you what you wanted to hear what is that going to do for you? For us? For my reputation? My gym would be a lie, it would be a fake. I'm not. I tell it like it is but NCFA is ALWAYS there. My academy is becoming something more special. I've come to a place where I feel comfortable helping everyone. I'm sharing the love. I'm sharing something that is so special to me and making it special to families, to relationships, to professional fighters, to people dealing with addiction, children dealing with having single parents, to those who are having a rough time in school, I'm helping parents parent. I'm helping kids with disabilities, adults with disabilities, I'm giving people a place to be and feel safe. I'm sharing my love. Something that no one else can share because its so unique. No one can duplicate it. its mine, its my name, its my time. That powerful, positive place that I've worked for and love. I want to cater to you all. I want to be there for everyone. I want to reach those people that feel like they cant do what we do. Something that stops people from coming in is simply because their mind tells them they cant do it, too old, not capable, that's just a fighting school. You can do it. I'm that someone that can show you how rewarding this gym can be for your life. I'm NOT GOING TO CHANGE, I'm not a new business starting strong and slowly fading, I started strong 15 years ago and I feel like the NCFA is stronger than ever. We are a family, and we are the reason why its an amazing place, a place that is amazingly different for every person.

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